Migration from old to new vault 7 (files on demand)


Cryptomator 1.5 is about to be released and I’m wondering on how this will work when it comes to migrating my vault to the new vault version 7.

Currently I have the following setup:

  • Cryptomator vault entirely synched to my Mac with OneDrive
  • Online Cryptomator vault that has been created entirely through CyberDuck (not synched to any device, just online only)

Is there any migration assistent for the synched vault? And what about an online only vault? CyberDuck can already handle the new vault but is there a best practice on how to migrate to the new vault without synching everything locally, convert the vault and then reupload?

I haven’t found anything in the documentation so far.

Thanks for any helpful input :slightly_smiling_face:


:warning: Warning: Just speculating, we need to verify this solution using a small test vault.

If you use OneDrive’s Files on Demand, migration should be able to run without downloading anything, because it only changes filenames but only reads/writes very small file contents.

As I do also have a quite big vault only online that was also my question. So I did a small test and so far this is the result:
With the latest Cyberduck version, Cyberduck can handle the new vault format (open vault, read/save files), but new vaults are still created with the vault format version 6.

Update: See @overheadhunter’s comment below

Even if this is just a “move”, it will download and re-upload each file, because decryption and encryption happens locally.

That is, if it works at all.

ah, damn it. You’re right.

Thanks a lot for the answers.

Will there be a proof-of-concept for Onedrive?

So the new vault definitely does NOT change the file content but just file names?

Yes, definitely.

Only exception will be some new, tiny files containing file metadata.

Ok then it would be worth a try with OneDrive. I just don’t want to risk this with live data.

Will there be tests from the Cryptomator team in advance or do we need to try the migration on our own?

I have done it with a small 5 MB test vault and can confirm that data has not been loaded during migration.

Great. This means that with OneDrive a migration should work - no matter whether it’s an online-only vault or a synched one?

That would be perfect and would save a lot of time :slight_smile:

Here’s my update for everyone that has a large online-only vault stored on OneDrive. Using OneDrive’s “Files On Demand” feature indeed works like a charm.

I’ve updated to Cryptomator 1.5.0 RC2 and just gave it a try. My online-only vault is >500 GB. I selected it to be available on demand and then migrated the vault.

It’s important to wait. First of all wait until Cryptomator says it has finished the migration. Then you need to wait until OneDrive has fully synched. Depending on the number of files (not the vault size!) this can take a few hours. My vault has ~90k files and it needed 4-5 hours to completely sync.

So I can give green light on this. It just works like a charm. Yay! :slight_smile: