Migrating from Boxcryptor and missing features

Hi everyone, First of all I wanted to Thank You for cryptomator app which makes our digital life easier and safer.

Yesterday I have received the key for Android activated the app and started the migration from Boxcryptor. Everything worked fine but I have not found two features.

  • Favorite Items to highlight and quickly open file from mobile app (into recursive directories is not easy to find a specific file)
  • Share feature to easy share files with friends and colleagues (in boxcryptor I have used Whisply), without having to share the vault.

Before opening a new topic I searched in several threads on the community but I did not find any useful information about it. Is there a plan (in the roadmap) to add in the future these features ?

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When viewing the unlocked cryptomator vault from either Android or Windows PC, you can easily share an unencrypted copy of a file. In the android app, press the V on the right side of the file list to pull down the menu of things you can do with that file (including share). In Windows file explorer, right click gives the normal options including things like email.

Thank You for the feedback but I mean “secure sharing”.
From what I understood at the moment is possible only sharing the vault with others which need to install the app.

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but I mean “secure sharing”.

Ok sorry, that’s not a feature that I know of in cryptomator.

I will mention on PC there is an interesting and fairly convenient workaround. When browsing the unlocked vault in file manager, you can right click on a file and apply the same types of encryption options that you would to any other file outside of a vault… in particular 7zip (simple but not as secure) or GPG4win / Kleopatra (a lot more secure and flexible to do a lot of things, although requires more initial setup). That creates a file inside the vault which is encrypted twice (once by 7ZIP/GPG4win and once by cryptomator). If I then move (drag) or share (right-click) that double-encrypted file outside of the the vault, the cryptomator layer of encryption goes away but the 7zip/GPG4win layer of encryption remains. So the whole process can easily be completed in file explorer.

I don’t think the same thing is possible on Android since the Android CM does not allow other apps work directly with the files like the PC CM app. I just installed an open source PGP app OpenKeyChain on Android… it looks like I can share from cryptomator into OKC (although I wasn’t able to transfer my keypair/certificate into OKC yet to complete the whole process). Once encrypted in OKC, the okc output file might not be accessible in CM (unlike pc), so I might have to either share the okc-encrypted file from within the OKC app (if it allows that) or else go hunt down the encrypted file with a file explorer app to share it from there.

It’s probably not what you had in mind in terms of ease of use. I leave the roadmap question up to others…