Microsoft Word ignores owner files on Cryptomator


we are looking into deploying cryptomator for end to end encrypted storage for sensitive documents across our office. During our tests we came across a (for us) blocking issue. When a .docx stored in the cryptomator vault (mounted via Dokany) is opened a so called “owner file” is being created (those files that look tĺike this: ~$cument.docx) to prevent multiple users from editing the same document at the sime time and therefore overwriting each others changes.

In theory, when you try to open the same document on another computer you will be notified that it’s already open for editing by another user and that you can either open it read only or a working copy. This works fine on our SMB share. But however, when Opening Word files from our cryptomator share, word ignores the owner file and displays no warning what so ever and you can freely edit the document. But however, I can see those owner files in the folder (when turning on hidden files).

Has anyone experienced those issues and knows how to work around them? I would be great full for any hints!


I would like to point out that I’m not sure if this is an Cryptomator specific issue or if its MS-Word issue. But since I only noticed when using Cryptomator, I’ll try it here.

Hi Moritz,
have you find any solution, we are experiencing the same behavior.