Memory Leak ubuntu-mate ui

I’m running ubuntu-mate 18.04.4 which I typically update through the repositories about once a week. I noticed that sometime in the last 3-4 weeks it began eating memory until the system crashes.

Accoring to htop, I boot with about 845MB used. I start cryptomator 1,4,15 and it goes to 1.01GB and sits there. All good. When I select an encrypted volume in the UI it very quickly (about 300MB/sec or so) maxes out my ram and swap file until the system crashes(4GB ram, 2GB swap).

The only way to stop this is to minimize the window. It then stops dead in it’s tracks. If I close cryptomator it regains 150-200GB of memory and basically stays right there.

cryptomator 1.3.2 seems to run fine. I’m running an AMD 9220C with radeon R5 graphics.

This is a known bug, see

A workaround is described here.

We will release soon version 1.5.0 which also fixes the issue.

Thank you, I look forward to the new version

In the meantime, updating Mesa to 19.3.4 (or newer) will also fix this.

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