Maximum path length Cryptomator V1.4.6 with Dokany on Windows 10

I am using Cryptomator V1.4.6 with Dokany on Windows 10 (updated to the latest version) and noticed that I am not able to open files when the path length is longer then 218. If I try to open the file with the same path length on my harddisk I can open the file is there something I can do about this? When searching on this behavior I have read about the CallBack File System that seems to be more superior then Dokan(y). Is it possible to use the CallBack File System instead of Dokan(y)?

Afaik, you can only get a commercial license for CBFS. Unless they make an exception or someone sponsors it, this will not happen.

Same problem here.
I can add files on client1 with a full file name ( absolute path + filename ) longer than 218 characters and on client1 I can still access them. But they get not synchronized across other clients.