Massive difference in size between unlocked and locked vault

Hello all, I’m noticing a weird problem on a vault in my external SSD.

When I unlock my drive, I notice that it’s over 50 GB smaller than when the drive is locked.

I know that encrypting files adds a little bit of space, but certainly not this much. What is going on? I have another vault on my PC, but the size disparity is not that large.


Welcome to the Cryptomator community :slightly_smiling_face:,

if you are worried, that some files disappeared from inside your vault, you can run the vault health check:

  1. Lock the vault you want to check
  2. Open the vault options
  3. Click the “Start Health Check” button
  4. Read the info screen carefully, confirm it and click next
  5. Enter your vault password
  6. Run all checks

Check results of level warning can be fixed. For example, a common problem are orphan directories, which can be reintegrated into the vault directory structure in the lost+founddirectory inside the vault by fixing the result.
If you have critical results, data is missing. This does not necessarily mean, that it is lost, only that the vault data is not present on the local machine. If this is not only a snyc issue, the data is lost.