Maintaining Folder Structure in Cryptomator Photo and Video Backup?


I’m a big fan of Cryptomator and want to thank the developers for creating such a fantastic tool. However, I have a question about the photo and video backup feature. Is there a way to preserve the folder structure of my gallery when using this feature?

Currently, all my pictures and videos are uploaded into a single folder, making it messy and difficult to organize. I’ve tried searching for a solution but haven’t found one yet.

If any of you have encountered a similar issue or know of a workaround, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. That’s not possible right now, but there is a feature request open: Keep folder structure during auto photo upload · Issue #162 · cryptomator/android · GitHub

Ah too bad and thanks for the quick reply! Since its been nearly 4 years, since that request has been made: Any news maybe?