via Webdav

Hi all, I try to create a tresor and synchronise it with via Webdav. But on the desktop the Webdav for is not available for the Cryptomator menu when I have to choose where the tresor should be saved.
Am I doing something wrong? Do you have a hint for me?

Ah, and opening an existing tresor from the Webdav will crash Cryptomator.

Thanks in advance!

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the desktop app does not work in the same way as the mobile apps, see Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications?

Those are just predetected local paths. Since Mailbox does not provide such a path, it cannot be show and you have to choose the “Custom Path” option.

The mobile application or the desktop app? And what does “crash” mean? Is an error show, does the app quit, etc …?

With the custom path I also cannot find the Mailbox Drive. Only local drives are available for the destop app. DropBox will be recognized and can be uses. But I don’t want this :slight_smile:

I tried to trick the desktop app. On my phone I created a tresor on Mailbox Drive. On the desktop I tried to open the tresor with the relevant file. After a few seconds Gnome gives a sorry message because Cryptomator crashes with an error. There is nothing to see in the log files.

So may remaining question is how to link Mailbox with Cryptomator. I cannot see a way on my desktop (Fedora 36 Gnome 42).

You have to mount the mailbox storage into the local filesystem. I assume it has a webdav interface, hence you can use davfs2 on linux systems.

Already tried it. The Drive is mounted as Disc, but still ignored by Cryptomator.

Did you installed the app using flatpak?

Then this post should help:


Ok, I will try it. Sounds good at first view Thanks! :slight_smile: