macOS: Vault "closing" while working on file

I have my vault in a nextcloud synchronised folder.

I recently recognised that when I open my vault and work on a Word document for some time, I cannot save it because the vault has been locked again.
When checking Cryptomator, it still tells me the vault is still open, but in Finder, I cannot access it. I need to click “lock vault” and then unlock it again.

My OS is macOS High Sierra and Cryptormator v1.3.1

We are aware of this issue but haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce it yet. We will share any news on the following GitHub issue:

Thanks for quickk reply.

Good luck with finding the solution!!

Thanks for the reply. A number of users including myself are able to instantly reproduce this bug on demand on High Sierra. Currently this make has made it impossible for me to use Cryptomator and would love to do so. Eagerly looking forward to updates on this bug. Thanks!

I get hit with this issue frequently. I posted yesterday in a github thread - details here:

Easily repeatable, High Sierra production 10.13.2 (17C205). Open a libreoffice doc or spreadsheet or whatever, make some edits, sit back for a few minutes, maybe five, then try to hit the ‘save’ button. Error, error, error, and error as the mount is gone.

The workaround of course is the just copy the file you want to work on to the desktop or elsewhere, do your editing, then copy it back. That puts a kink in productivity though (not unlike so many things in life, however!).

I’d be happy to be a guinea pig for testing so long as my data isn’t at risk. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking into this. I too am experiencing this same issue since upgrading to High Seirra.

Cryptomator 1.4.0 will bring experimental FUSE support. As long as Apple doesn’t fix its WebDAV client, this might be our only way to avoid this issue.

A first beta version of 1.4.0 will be available in a few weeks.


I just tested the 1.4.0 beta 1 with my Devonthink container. After few 4-6 minutes of copy, the container disappear as described befor.

Software used:
macOS 10.13.4
Cryptomator 1.4.0 beta 1
Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.17 (just the container made with this programm, approx 9000 files)
Chronosync 4.8.6

Direct sync (SmartScan and check of the copied data) of the container from initial productive place to the cryptomator vault.

Best regards