macFUSE vice versa FUSE-T

When I try to install macFuse via “brew” I run into the issue, that the ownership of the whole directory /usr/local/lib is “corrected” during installation. Unfortunately the directory contains some libraries from the installed EDR solution that can not be changed easily. From my perspective it is not necessary to change all files in that directory but the runbook coming along with “macFuse” is coded this way.

When installing “Fuse-T” via brew I do not run in this issue.

Cryptomator seems to work with “Fuse-t” - are there known concerns against the usage of Fuse-T instead of macFUSE ?

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The latest FUSE-T/Cryptomator has been very stable for me. It integrates with macOS better than macFUSE IMO.

One issue is if you preview a file, it updates the “date modified” property. This apparently is an upstream bug that must be fixed by Apple.

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If you really want to install macFUSE on Apple Silicon Macs, you have to follow this guide: Getting Started · macfuse/macfuse Wiki · GitHub

As you can see, it’s more than an unusual installation. That’s why FUSE-T is recommended. Apart from the known issue mentioned by @philly4, I would consider FUSE-T quite stable.

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I made some quick tests with Dropbox and (on-prem) Nextcloud and must agree; the modification date changes even when using the macOS preview. From my perspectives a “noGo” in the current combination of Ventura 13.4.1 and Fuse-T 1.0.21.


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