MAC system extension: Apple's new EndpointSecurity framework

Hi, Is there plans to move away from fuse and use Apple’s new EndpointSecurity framework

I don’t know if the Endpoint Security Framework is even a viable alternative:

We were actually experimenting with the File Provider Framework but it works fundamentally different than our current approach.

So we’re currently still in the exploration phase and don’t have anything to announce in the foreseeable future. Until then, we’ll stick with macFUSE and WebDAV on macOS.

What about using the mobile app as a base for the mac version as suggested here MacOS Catalyst App · Issue #2299 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub ? It would be nice to have a mac version that doesn’t rely on WebDAV as it has lots of bugs and limitations and also macFuse isn’t optimal either as it’s a closed source kernel extension that introduces potential security risks and system instability. Apple Catalyst could help speed up the development of a nice Mac app without these caveats.

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