Mac OS Ventura Desktop - How to Save a File Directly to my encrypted Folder on DropBox

I have Cryptomator working without issue on Mac OS Ventura, with a single encrypted folder on DropBox. I am using MacFuse as recommended. The encrypted folder on DropBox is called Cryptomator. I regularly mount the encrypted Folder at startup and it appears as a volume on my desktop. Here’s my question—

Suppose I want to SAVE a document I just created while I’m in an application (let’s say Pages as an example.) If I choose Save from the application menu, the standard Save dialog box gives me the usual choices for folders/volumes to save my document in. BUT, the Cryptomator mounted encrypted volume (folder) on my Desktop doesn’t show anywhere in this Save Dialog box, neither as a volume nor as a folder.

If, in advance, I drag an alias of the Cryptomator volume in the Finder sidebar, then I can choose it as a directory to save the file in from the application. BUT this alias doesn’t persist beyond a reboot, so the next time after a restart of my Mac, if I try to select this Finder side-bar alias volume as a the directory to save a file directly in, I get an error that the directory can’t be found. (The solution is to remove the alias and drag another the alias into the Finder sidebar each time I restart. What a pain.)

So most times, I have to Save the file locally while in an application and then drag it into the mounted encrypted Cryptomator vault volume on my desktop.

Is there no way to SAVE a file directly into Cryptomator vault folder/volume when in a Mac application. Or put another way, why doesn’t my mounted encrypted Vault volume show in a Mac OS Save dialog box when it is mounted and visible on the desktop??

Any insight would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

I’m not a Mac expert and I think it’s possible with macFUSE…but the issue you describe is one of the main reasons why I switched to FUSE-T. It better integrates with the OS and makes what you describe simple.

Thank you very much. I installed FUSE-T and yes, it seems to have solved the issue. I was reluctant to select FUSE-T because it was listed as “experimental” and MacFUSE was recommended. (I’d hate to lose any files.) But a brief trial shows that your recommendation solved my issue. Thanks again!!