Mac OS - M1 - BigSur - 11.1

Hallo und guten Abend,

mit der neuesten Version von Crpytomator stürzt bei Erstellen eines weiteren Ordner im bereits vorhandenen Ordner der gesamte Rechner ab. Der Fehler ist reproduzierbar.

Die Entschlüsselung funktioniert wie gewohnt, jedoch eben das weitere Erstellen eines weiteren Ordners mit dem simplen Namen “Dokumente” lässt den gesamte Rechner (MacBook Pro) abstürzen.

Ich habe kein Fuse installiert, weil ich nicht ganz verstehe was mit einer “besseren Integration” gemeint ist und mir das Einstellen in den Sicherheitseinstellungen als Laie noch zu suspekt war.

Ist Cryptomator schon nativ für den M1 oder wird das noch emuliert?

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Ich muss zugeben, dass ich’s selbst noch nicht erlebt habe, aber laut einigen Berichten ist die WebDAV-Integration in Finder grundsätzlich unter macOS mit M1-Prozessor kaputt:

Und wenn kein macFUSE installiert ist, versucht Cryptomator über das WebDAV-Protokoll ein virtuelles Laufwerk zu erstellen. So oder so empfehlen wir die Nutzung von macFUSE, aber aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen können wir macFUSE nicht in einem Gesamtpaket mitanbieten.

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I have the same problem with my M1 MacBook Pro but I found a workaround to create the folder on the desktop and then copy that folder into the Cryptomator volume. I’ve reported the WebDav kernel panic crashes to Apple; hopefully they fix it sooner than later.

Use of MacFUSE is of course possible but it involves a complex 7-step recovery mode process to permanently place the M1 Mac in ‘reduced security mode’ to allow 3rd party kernel extensions. Can’t imagine that many Mac users would be willing or able to do that, and so it’s obvious that Apple is pushing developers to write their applications without needing to use kernel extensions.

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file system integration without kernel extension will turn out to be very complicated …
Apple should better allow approved devs to have an easier way of installing the extension - not sure if the will approve MacFUSE though or tf it would be worth for the devs to apply and maybe pay a (as far as I know Apple) not too decent fee for it :wink:

Dear all,

thanks for your feedback. I agree with markbyrn, I don’t feel that much comfortable to turn off some securtiy settings. Call me dumb or foolish, but I am not an expert in these things. I tried it before and it took me many attempts to make it work but still I had a problem with Cryptomator so I turned back and restored the settings. How is it Boxcryptor handling this?

Hi there, I have got the same issue while using macFUSE.
I found out - using the terminal - that the “mv” command of linux is reproducibly crashing when executed on a mounted vault.
Since the “Finder” is always creating new folders with a default name, you’ve got to rename (mv) them after they’ve been created, hence the crash.
Workarounds so far:

  • creating folders: use the terminal (mkdir) -> works
  • move a file to another location: copy the file to its target position and delete the original

Are you sure that Cryptomator is using FUSE? To verify that, check the Cryptomator settings under “Virtual Drive”.

Hi Tobias,

indeed, it was not using FUSE but WebDAV. The reason (most probably) was, that I had to update FUSE to its newest version 4.x on my M1 MacBook. That version was not supported by Cryptomator versions < 1.5.11. After installing the latest Cryptomator, I could select “FUSE” again for the virtual volume, and creating folders works again.