M1 Macs: On iCloud with "optimize storage" folders show as empty

I have iCloud set to Optimize Storage (so that the OS will offload local files as needed for space). This has never been an issue in the past; if I’m browsing a Cryptomator vault, it will show the files and download them as needed to un-encrypt and open.

On M1 Macs, however, it seems like this now breaks Cryptomator and I can no longer reliably access files in the vault. Folders that haven’t been downloaded locally just show as empty when browsing an unlocked vault. I thought I had data loss issues, but accessing the same folders (not downloaded) via the iOS app shows the files and downloads as needed to un-encrypt and view.

Using the latest macFuse (4.2.3), Cryptomator (1.6.4), and macOS 12.0.1 (though the issue has persisted on macOS 11 on M1 Macs, as well).

Ich habe das gleiche Problem hier. Ich habe zwei Macs. Einen mit Intel Chip und einen mit Apple M1 Chip. Auf dem Intel Mac habe ich Version 1.6.5 [Cryptomator-1.6.5.dmg] installiert und auf dem Apple M1 Mac die Version 1.6.5 [Cryptomator-1.6.5-arm64.dmg]. Ich nutze bei beiden Macs macFuse in der aktuellsten Version 4.2.4. Dateien werden im Tresor nur dann angezeigt, wenn Sie von iCloud auf den Mac herunter geladen sind. Ebenfalls macOS 12.0.1. Würde mich über eine Lösung freuen (wenn es denn eine gibt). Als Work-Arround muss ich aktuell immer den gesamten Cryptomator Ordner auf die Festplatte herunter laden. Geht zwar, ist aber nicht perfekt.

I have the same problem here. I have two Macs. One with Intel chip and one with Apple M1 chip. On the Intel Mac I have installed version 1.6.5 [Cryptomator-1.6.5.dmg] and on the Apple M1 Mac I have installed version 1.6.5 [Cryptomator-1.6.5-arm64.dmg]. I use macFuse on both Macs in the latest version 4.2.4. Files only show up in the vault if they are downloaded from iCloud to the Mac. I am also using macOS 12.0.1, would appreciate a solution (if there is one). As a work-around, I currently always have to download the entire Cryptomator folder to disk. Works, but is not perfect.

This is indeed an issue and it probably is the same on Intel and on Apple Silicon. See: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/issues/1309

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