Lost funcionality of "versions of the last 30 days"

Just a confirmation:

Most cloud drives (Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.) have the functionality of saving versions of a file for the last 30 days. To access these versions, you usually click on the file and access something like “history” or something like that.

However, for a Cryptomator vault, there is no way to do this, as Google Drive does not “see” the unencrypted version, only the equivalent file in “d” folder.

As there is no practical way to relate an unencrypted file to the encrypted file in “d” folder, this functionality of having versions for 30 days is lost, right?

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From a practical point of view: yes, you are right.

As I thought …

So this is definitely an impediment to my use with “hot” files, edited several times a day (mostly MS Office files). It’s a great peace of mind to know that any problem I can recover the version from a few hours ago, and as Cryptomator eliminates this functionality, I will have to stop using it for these files.

Therefore, Cryptomator will be restricted to “cold” files (archive).

You might consider a Veracrypt container instead where you need cloud versioning.

Yes, i’ve been using Truecrypt/Veracrypt for ages, and in fact the files in question are inside a Veracrypt partition.

But it does not resolve the issue here, as the idea is to protect cloud files, that is, to have only encrypted versions stored at the provider.

And the synchronization of the entire Veracrypt volume (placing a container inside the synchronized folder) does not work well, as the synchronizer tries to send the entire container.

A good synchronizer would only send the changed blocks, not the entire container. Good luck with your quest.

The only native synchronizer I know of that does this (in blocks/chunks) is Dropbox. But Dropbox is terrible as an option and support.

Do you know any other, even if not native?

I ran into the same problem and there is actually an easy way to solve it for the developers… So please consider this!

All we need in the UI is a path converter GUI… We copy and paste the full path to a file in an open container and the GUI returns as the encrypted file path on the cloud drive.

With that path we can navigate there and use the versioning feature on the encrypted file.

Would be super helpful to have this and I imagine its very easy to create right?


PS: I imagine it wont work for folders as the contents is spread but for single files it would be very useful!

Looks like one way is to use this tool to translate from unencrypted path to encrypted path to then be able to use the versioning feature