Lost file when saving and can't copy bigger files

Hi All,
I have been experiencing two major problems:

  1. I lost the file I was editing when I saved them in the Cryptomator encrypted folders/files. Usually it is Spreadsheet. I use LibreOffice, but I tested on other app such as Collabora office, it was the same. The saved file became zero in size, that means lost all the content I was editing. Later, I have to copy the file out of the Vault, after finishing editing, copy it back. Check the file in Vault, if it is OK, I then delete the file outside of the Vault.

  2. I can’t copy the bigger files (mp3) format to the Vault. (around 100MB) I have not alternative solution for this issue.

Any one can suggest something helpful?

My system is MacMini, m1, MacOS Ventura 13.4. Cryptomator 1.9.1 (dmg-4502), Volume Type: FUSE-T (Experimental), version [fuse-t-macos-installer-1.0.14.pkg ].

Thanks and regards,