Losing copied create/modified time stamp into vault stored on OneDrive Business

Spent hours and several approaches trying copy files into my Crytomator vault preserving the file’s time stamp but it is always set to current. If I copy to OneDrive direct (non vault) the time stamp is persevered.

Version 1.6.17

Thx for any help / ideas!

Im also using OneDrive business but do not have timestamp issues.
Which volume type are you using? (I use WinFSP).

I’m using volume type Fuse

Mhm so same as me.
Sorry, I have no other idea what might cause this.
Maybe anyone else?

Would also like to get to the bottom of this because we’re receiving several reports about this. In all our tests, we couldn’t reproduce the issue. :thinking:

Hi Tobias.

I am also experiencing this issue. See below for details.

  1. I am a new Cryptomator user.
  2. I installed latest Cryptomator 1.6.17 (dmg-4104) on macOS Ventura … this was a fresh install of macOS Ventura on a newly-formatted disk, not an upgrade from previous macOS.
  3. Coming from Boxcryptor, my workflow is to create a vault on Google Drive and use one-way “rsync --archive” to keep files on my (Cryptomator) encrypted volume in-sync with my local offline copy … rsync uses file size and modification time to determine what files to sync.
  4. This process worked fine with Boxcryptor but fails with Cryptomator. The reason is that Cryptomator changes all the modification times to when the file was copied to the vault.
  5. rsync interprets this timestamp difference as a file change and re-copies every file.
  6. This is obvious to see from the Terminal: compare “ls -l /Volume/source/file” to “ls -l /Volume/Cryptomator/file” and you will see the different timestamps.
  7. At present the only rsync workaround is to add “–checksum” to determine file changes based on checksums rather than size/times, but this is 1000x slower.

In summary, I am seeing this issue “out-of-the-box” on a clean macOS Ventura with the latest version of Cryptomator using Google Drive.

Hope this helps,