Looking for step by step instructions to save from Win10 to Google Drive

Greetings, I am new to Cryptomator but like it so far.
I would like to have documents encrypted and backed up to Google Drive.
I have the latest version of Backup And Sync already setup and running but haven’t figured out how to link a Cryptomator encrypted file or folder synced to Drive.
If someone can either direct me to concise instructions (text or video) or be kind enough to outline the steps clearly, it would be appreciated.

Ok, I actually found the step that wasn’t clear in any of the posts I have read thru.
The trick is to create a vault in the local folder that gets backed up.

My next question is, if I open the vault on my local machine I know I can access the encrypted files, but is there a way to open and work on the files while they are on the cloud?

In theory yes as long as the underlying filesystem of the encrypted files supports reading/writing to files from another location but show them as the files would be on the local machine.
In practice i doubt that this works since in most cases you have a helper program from your cloud provider which interferes with cryptomator. (The programm must do something simliar like FUSE or Dokany, i.e. providing a filesystem view and catch queries to the filesystem)