Lokal files / fotos on ipad

i would use cryptomator to store local copies of fotoes (and some files) . I downloaded them and made sure that all fotoes was shown. So i deactivated internet connection and began to work with my fotoes, grouping them in different folders. That went ok and while working i could still see the fotoes In the subfolder. After 1 minute, the fotoes suddenly disappeared, and i got the mess “no internet connectiion, and after 20 minutes the new folders was empty and the fotoes was not in the main folder (from where they were moved), and i can not find them. I simply do not know what going on? when can i be sure they are actually stored on the local files?
note the fotoes was “downloaded” from pcloud…

so as i thought this was a odd interaction i downloaded them to a local fils folder and after i deactivaterd the internet, i moved the files to cryptomator folder
After 20 minuntes again i could not show the files as fotoes. message: no internet connection.
When looking at the files themselves, i can see they are in the folder (ofc the name are crypted, but the sizes of the files are correct ?

so i again deactivated internet and copied / paste from a locel file folder.
It worked as such, but i get the message for each file: upload error ???
i have specifically set a local file on ipad, and i assume it should not have anything to do with icloud ?
I can not find the specifics of how to avoid crpytomator using icloud…??
but for a lot of other apps i have deactivated use of icloud.

ICOUD was the problem it seems.
I have used a lo of time to deactivate sync with icloud, but files is different.
When googling, i found this odd remakr : if a folder in files are named .nosync, icloud will not sync it, and it seems to work
I created a new cryptomator vault : favorites.nosync, and when putting fotoes there no mess about uploading error is shown.
just to be sure i named any subfolder like nature.nosync.
Thsi time i get no error messages.
So with deactivated internet connection i locked cryptomatoer vault, shut my iped down, and started it one hour after.
I could then work with cryptomator vault and files.
Ther was 2 files saying “download error”, but it could be that they just was not treated correctly from the start…
so it seems to work now.

So one odd issue
I renamed a folder, and immisitaly all the files in this folder ws marked “upload error”.
This only happens to folders inside cryptomator
Meaning if i clock in this folder i get the message “upload error”
Why would cryptomator mark a file with “upload error” if its a local file, not meant to be uploaded, and the file is still in the folders (it can be seen in the files view, with an ok size).
its just cryptomator that dont allow ios to show a file if its not uploaded ???
THis seems like a bug to me, even if ios function in an odd manner