"Lock failed" with WinFSP as Virtual Drive

Hi Community,

when I try to close an open vault, I often get the message

Lock failed
Locking “nnn” was blocked by pending operations or open files. You
can force lock this vault, however interrupting l/O may result in the loss
of unsaved data.

When I check the opened files in windows computermanagement, I find several files like


All files are in the folder of my vault.

I switched between WinFSP and Dokany 1.5 several times. This problem only comes up with WinFSP. It seems, the Dokany reliably closes all used files and WinFSP doesn’t.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Hi Michael

I also noticed the same issue when running a few tests with Cryptomator. One cause for a blocked locking process I could identify was the presence of file or folder shortcuts in the virtual vault. After adding a shortcut in a virtual vault which previously could be locked without a problem, it appears that the first time one locks the vault it works fine. If one re-unlocks the vault, reveals the drive and then tries to lock the vault, the lock fails.

Locking is only blocked if the drive was revealed after unlocking the vault; it also occurs after the virtual drive folder was opened in the explorer (i.e. without clicking on “reveal drive”). After removing the shortcut from the virtual drive, the vault can be locked without a problem.

You may want to check whether there are any shortcuts in the virtual vault you cannot lock. They could cause this problem.

If this behavior can be reproduced by other members of the community, it should be reported to the developers, since there are many application cases where shortcuts are present in virtual vaults.

System data:

  • Windows 11 Edu, up-to-date
  • Cryptomator 1.9.1 with WinFSP

Best regards,

Thank you for your respond, Bernhard.

When you start a Google search with ‘github cryptomator lock failed’, you get 76.700 results. Thus, we can assume, that the development team knows this issue and works on it. Let’s hope, that they find an answer sooner or later.

At the moment, I use Dokany instead of WinFSP. I know, that Dokany support is no longer supported by Cryptomator. Nevertheless, at the moment, it does a better job for me than WinFSP.


I also experience the same issue mentioned by @Bernhard. If I have a shortcut (.lnk) in my vault, I am not able to lock the vault. The waning window “Lock Failed” appears which inhibits the normal locking of the vault. Without the shortcut I can lock the vault.

Would appreciate if the developers can look at this issue and if they confirm it is a problem, then a fix would be great.