Location for new vault on secondary drive cannot be selected

I installed the newest version 1.6.17
My OS is a sort of Kubuntu 22.04.

My local folder for my sync with Nextcloud is placed on a secondary drive. Obviously, I want to use this folder to create a vault for Cryptomator. Unfortunately, I have no possibility to select this location in the setup dialogue.
Under Dolphin, the hard drive is displayed normally in the Devices tab and the setup dialogue in the Nextcloud client also “finds” the hard drive.
The properties in Dolphin show that the secondary disk has the address /, with the mount point /datadisk.
Mounted from /dev/nvme0n1p1

Do I need to change anything on my system, or how can I get Cryptomator to create a vault on the secondary disk?

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

If I understand you correctly, when creating a new vault and you select “Custom location” the chooser do not show the mount point? If so I highly assume you installed Cryptomator using flatpak? If so you need to extend the permission to this location, see Unable to mount from external or network drive · Issue #16 · flathub/org.cryptomator.Cryptomator · GitHub for further information.


you assumed everything correctly and your solution solved the problem!
Thank you very much!

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