Lng files on root of Google drive

Hi everyone
Just started using the software and created a vault on my Google drive. So it’s in its own seperate folder. Whenever I upload something it’s creating additional lng files which looks to be because the filenames are too long. My issue is these are being created in the root of the Google drive instead of in the vaults folder.

Anyway to stop it doing this. I can live with the lng files but not having hundreds of them in the root.


Nothey should definitely not be located in the root. Can you specify the version of the app? Do files with the same name also exist in other places?

I strongly advise you to keep backups of your data until the cause for this issue is resolved!

@SailReal Any clue what could have happened here?

Currently not, no :thinking: . I will try to reproduce that.

So I deleted everything and started uploading again.
So I had a bunch of files that had fairly long names that had characters like periods or hyphens. When I shorted the names and removed those and replaced with spaces everything worked.
I did notice I uploaded 5 files and I ended up getting 15 lng files in root. There was also another folder created in the vault but those were empty. These lng files were a couple kB so looks like the files were failing to upload or encrypt?
Using Android version from the Play store 1.4.3.

Hello I know this is an old post but this happened to me once like maybe 1 year ago (not sure what I did) and now again. I check when the files were modified and they were modified in January so basically cryptomator is not using them I guess. I think it happened because when you delete a file on your PC on the cloud they are not deleted and just put on the bin. but if you Ctrl+Z a deleted file maybe it does not put it in the correct folder on the cloud but you still get the correct file on the correct folder on your PC and then google drive upload the correct file as a new file. so you do not lose the file but google drive made an copy (not of the main file because they are all 1 KB in size) on the root folder for some reason. This happened when I was shifting big amount of files from different vaults.

@anon94946988’s explanation is the most plausible so far.

In this case it isn’t anything we need to worry about.