List of all decrypted paths, based on encrypted files


I am pretty new on this community site and just want to start with one of my most burning topics regarding Cryptomator. How do I generate a list of all path/files/folder based on all encrypted files? E.g.:

encfile “.\5d\AB\20…E3\123…==.c9r” → file “.\abc.txt”

So I want to check if there are multiple (encrypted) folder/files with the same content. In my case I mentioned that a specific folder opend in Explorer (W11) is another encrypted folder than displayed in the “Save to”-Windows of an application, so the content of the folders are partly the same and not.

Such an check would we a create base to check for me the integrity of my data.

PS: Health Check of this Vault is just fine.

Thanks and hope to here from some “Cryptomator-Gurus” soon. :blush:

I am afraid you can’t.
What you can do is find the corresponding encrypted file to a specific unencrypted file by using the “find file” feature that you see when you have unlocked your vault.

But you cant generate a list of all files.

Hi, thanks, but there must be a function in the program decrypt folder path because you can easily access the files in explorer - so the tool must store/temporary provide several path.

What if you just use a tool that lists all duplicate (unencrypted) files in the virtual drive? There are no files with the same content on the encrypted side, so even the same files do not have the same encrypted content, so you don’t have to worry about the encrypted files, look for the duplicates on the unencrypted side! It sounds to me like it’s a general issue of organizing your files and has nothing to do with encryption.

Hi, I will cheep out watching if there’s an issue renaming/moving folder. Could my case convert to an feature request to “Locate Unencrypted File” (like the Locate Encrypted File"-Feature) and an bulk feature for it?

Hello Michael,
I don’t see the button ‘find file’.
Cryptomator UI
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for a reply.

This feature was added in 1.7.0 but I would recommend to update to the latest version.

Hello Tobi,
thanks for the answer. Currently I use the version 1.6.12.
I will install the latest version.

Thanks Clemens