Linux user: Cryptomator over dav seems very slow

Update: See below for possible solution!


New cryptomator user on Fedora 30 Linux using the AppImage application.

I have a VPS storage account that I can access inside my gnome files application under Other Locations | Server, which seems to work fine in general.

I created a cryptomator vault and added some rather small files there, as a test.

When I dropped my laptop’s cryptomator directory into the remote share, it copied it out. I could browse and see the files out there, exactly like they are locally.

Next, I opened the Cryptomator application, supplied the PW, and browsed to the remote location, and opened the key file as usual. The application opens the vault in the file manager as I would expect, however, it does not display the plain text files, instead just showing loading message.

Is this stalled “loading” situation normal? Is it downloading the entire vault contents to the local location?

Any help appreciated.

Solution or what seems to work better:

Instead of using gnome file manager to connect to to the server, I created a connection this way:

  1. Created a mount point by “mkdir ~/storbox”

  2. Mount it, as root “mount -t davfs -o gid=1000,uid=1000 https://servername /home/username/storbox”, just change things for your situation.

The cryptomator app will open the vault much faster now. I believe the problem was permissions.

Let me know if you know a better way, or if this helps you. Tks.

I have no idea why accessing your storage server when mounted via your file browser is slower than when mounting it via terminal. I would expect the former to just invoke the latter, but apparently some parameters are different.

After the permission issue was solved, the app works far better. Tks

I have another question.

Assume I have a 5GB of files in my vault which is synced to the cloud.

The next time I open the vault, and select one 100k file, is it just the 100k file that is pulled from the cloud, or does the entire 5GB need to come back over the session?

As noted before, my vault is saved using davs.

Thank you.

Just the 100k. Assuming the underlying mount doesn’t pull a file when reading its attributes.