[Linux] Synchronization with Nextcloud fails


I switched from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon.

i have files encrypted with Cryptomator inside my Nextcloud.

Cryptomator: 1.4.15
Nextcloud Manager: 2.6.2git

I can’t open the vault because the synchonisation doesn’t work anymore.

IDEAS? Under Windows 10 everything was still running.


Well, as cryptomator desktop does not do any sync, I’ll recommend to ask your question at the support of the app that does. In your case this looks like nexcloud desktop on github


i have now extracted the folders m and d from my nextcloud ls zip, unpacked them on my laptop and decrypted them with cryptomator.

but now i don’t know if there was an error.

i had the whole time:
nextcloud/cloud/d (31,7GB)
nextcloud/cloud/m (108kb)

now i have another folder in my nextcloud top directory
nextcloud/d (2.1gb)

I don’t know how to integrate this 2.1gb folder into the 31.7gb folder now due to many identical folder names (2D etc.)
when i open this 2.1gb folder with the masterkey and password from the 31.7gb folder, the 2.1gb folder is empty.
i honestly don’t know if i’m missing data with over 30gb of data…


Cryptomator does not save a d folder in the root of nextcloud. The d folder is always a subfolder of your vault. Seems something messes up your data on nextcloud.
If you do not miss files in the big vault, then there’s no need to migrate the extra d folder into your vault directory.
If you do, then copy the small d folder into the big d folder and skip every existing file.
(That’s at least I would do)

While I can not explain why you have two distinct d/ directories, you can indeed merge them, if you are sure both really belong to the same vault!

The directories right inside d/ can easily result in duplicates: All two-char combinations of 2-7 and A-Z may exist, so you have a maximum of 32² = 1024 directories.

Inside of this “second level” there will be zero to many “third level” directories with 30-char names.

├── 2D # both "d" directories may contain "2D"
│   ├── AQFJGMFOFQXOZW7P7GK3EIEJDKEWMZ # merged from d1
│   └── SQY2C5MKGLTQRL5NJRLJNWDK6O755C # merged from d2
├── 5C

When merging two d/ directories, you should therefore not skip any directory, but you can skip files.

That said, merging d/ directories from different vaults is not supported. Cryptomator will ignore anything it is unable to decrypt but will log many errors.

Hello, everybody,

I can retrieve my data as usual. The second /d folder was a “small” copy with data of the big /d folder. So here I did not remove any data, but copied and cancelled it.

But I don’t know why NextCloud causes problems with sync. This is about 32GB. According to the forums, the reason is that the trash (NextCloud) is full, but is shown as empty, so there are sync problems here. I don’t know if it’s because of this or if it’s because I switched from Windows to Linux Mint/Ubuntu?

Thanks for your help @overhunter, but I didn’t really need merge.