[LINUX] Sync on demand (aka smart sync)

Hi guys,

So I have last problem and only problem in my replaced windows with linux.


  • Gsuite Google Drive cca 20 TB
  • some folders cca 2-5GB are locked with Cryptomator
  • I have 4-5 vaults


  • I use files in Vaults and need to access them fast from many dif devices.
    Usually few files per day.
  • Files outside vaults are not important, I can use browser based google drive access, low priority.
  • I use sucessfully Android Cryptomatic and Win client and it works perfect “on the fly” with, as dropbox call it, smart sync. On Google side we have windows and
    Google Drive File Stream (requires GSuite Bussiness) and allows me to see all my files when online without using hard drive space on my machine and if I want to keep any files offline, I just right-click and mark it for offline.


  • I cant find solution for Linux (Mint 19) for Google File Stream or any other which can allow me that Vault is not entierly downloaded before use.

Before we agree that this is not Cryptomator topic, I would like to ask how it can be done via Android app where Cryptomatic access vaults perfectly and files are not stored localy?

Maybe there can be any solution?

Worst case for me is to have virtualbox and Win only for smartsync Vaults -.-

The Android App and the desktop applications do not share the same code base and are pretty different in functionality:

  • The Android app access your cloud over the internet by a public API of your cloud provider.
  • The desktop applications access the stored files over the operating system. If the OS supports files on demand, then you do not need to store your data locally.

For linux there is no official google drive client. (does not matter if it is BackUp & Sync or File Stream). There are things like google-drive-ocamlfuse, but there exits old reports that this does not work with Cryptomator. But maybe this works now.

Unfortunately it is not working, only thing what it does is folder sync, but that is not what I look for.
How about emulate android environment so somehow use “android” version on linux?
Is it possible? Sound closer in code than windows

Why don’t you try Rclone? It allows mounting virtual drives. Access speed though may be a different question.