Linux PPA and AUR

Any estimate on when the two package archives will receive the update to 1.5.14?
Not super urgent and would be nice to get the update via that over the AppImage.

Thank you!

Due to an error a broken source archive was uploaded to the PPA. Sadly due to policies, it is impossible to reupload the sources using the same version number. In other words: This will cause some delays at least or maybe we need to skip 1.5.14 on the PPA entirely.

This doesn’t affect the AUR. We’re not owning the AUR repo, but usually it gets updated within a couple of days.

Is there an option to cut a new tag at and add a release note that this is for Linux packaging only?

From an end-user perspective, it would be more friendly not to have to switch between ways of installation between different versions.

Yup that should work, I’ll give it a try.


It is now published.

Just updated for Groovy.

Thank you again for the quick turnaround on this!

AUR is now updated too.