Linux Mint: Issue opening a vault created with Windows 10 PC

I have 2 PC’s: one with Linux Mint 21.1 (here I have installed Cryptomator 1.7.1 Flatpack-1) and another with Win 10 (installed Cryptomator 1.7.1 (msi-4343).

I use MEGA as cloud service on both PC (and on Android).

This is the situation:

On Linux, when creating a vault, Cryptomator detect Mega and propose me to use this location for the creation. It works fine, everything is OK.

On Windows 10, on the contrary, Cryptomator does not detect automatically MEGA, but just Onedrive. So I choose the Custom location and navigate through the file manager to select MEGA and in this way I can create the vault. But then this is the problem:

If the vault is created using Linux I can open it both in Linux and also with the Win computer.

If I create the vault with Windows I can access to it in Windows BUT NOT in Linux. The error that comes up trying to open the vault in Linux is the 8V9J:NHA7:NHA7

Mega is correctly syncronized between the 2 PC’s, I can see the vault on both computer but I cannot access to it in Linux if the vault is created using the Window PC.

Is there a solution for this problem?


See here for detailed error explanation.
For some reason cryptomator does not see all files/folders on your Linux machine.
Are you sure the sync was complete and all files/folders of your vault are available to cryptomator?

you got it, if I check from the Linux pc the vault created with Windows I have a d directory but it is empty.
If I check the same vault from the Windows pc the d directory has the structure indicated in the discussion you linked. Any idea on how to fix it?

Well, seems your sync is incomplete. You’ll have to check your sync client if there are any messages that explains that.

in the MEGA settings the following type of files and directories are excluded from syncronization:
Is any of them the type needed for Cryptomator?

No, Cryptomator does only generate the following file types:

And of course it creates a lot of folders inside of “d”. If “d” is empty or missing or not nested in a parent directory (named after your vault) then your error is thrown.