Linking both personal and business Dropbox account simultaneously

I have successfully linked my Dropbox account to the iOS app.

However, I actually have both a personal Dropbox account as well as a Dropbox for Business account and they are both linked together, so the Dropbox app allows me to see both their files without logging off and on again.

The Cryptomator app, though, seems to only be able to link on Dropbox account at a time, so while I am currently using a vault under my Dropbox for Business account, I am now unable to access vaults in my personal Dropbox.

Would it be possible to implement a way to be able to use both my personal Dropbox as well as Dropbox for Business at the same time within the iOS app? A similar issue probably applies to OneDrive since it even allows to have two accounts under an identical e-mail address (OneDrive and OneDrive for Business).

Yes, it’s actually not possible to connect more than one Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Onedrive or iCloud account to the app. (Not more than one of each provider).

As this seems to be a feature request, I changed the category to „Development“.