Limited vault size?


I installed cryptomator on both mac (10.9.5) and windows (8.1pro) and tried to use ist for a video database, means I try to copy lots of files to the cryptomator vault.
Surprisingly unexpected it says something like ’ there is not enough space to copy all files’.
The network drive actually has 2.8TB free space, the files I tried to copy are about 1TB. :confused:

My question: is there a vault limit and if so, how can I treat with it?

Any idea or explanation?

No, there is no vault size limit. The space limit is your online storage. Maybe there’s a maximum of files for your online drive. Iknow this is unlikely, but my only idea at the moment. Maybe one of the masters will have better ideas.

Ah, I just remembered a post that May explain your issues. As you are using cryptomator for video files, I guess the files are bigger than 4GB. Then there’s an issue with the windows WebDAV, which cannot handle files bigger than that. Please refers to this post: 4 GiB file size limit on virtual drive

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Hi Michael,

thank you for your answer, but no, its not the file size limit :neutral_face: I’m using a smb-connection (smb v3) and I can say it does handle any files… But, maybe there is an Problem with the vault and the smb-type connection.
I will fill up the available space today and after this I will do some test with the drive and the vault within cyberduck on my mac as well.

I will report my expierience later on.

On macOS 10.9, the virtual drive is mounted slightly different than on macOS 10.10+: There are some cases like this one that show a size limitation error even though it’s “not true”.

On Windows, it’s like @Michael said: Since the virtual drive of Cryptomator is mounted via WebDAV (via a so-called loopback connection), the maximum file size is 4 GiB.

These aren’t limitations by Cryptomator or its encryption scheme but by how Apple and Microsoft have implemented the WebDAV clients in Finder and Windows File Explorer respectively.

In the long term, we’re going to replace WebDAV with FUSE/Dokany.
In the short term, you could use Cyberduck with its Cryptomator integration that isn’t dependent on Finder or Windows File Explorer. I’ve also heard that TeraCopy might be able to help you overcome size limitations (I’ve never used it so I don’t know exactly if it works for your case).