License questions & setup


Im interested in buying cryptomator license.

If I buy the android license will I be able to use it on windows and linux, I know its free on windows / linux but will it accept the license and remove that red dot?

Am I able to use a windows license on android / linux?

How many times am I able to use the license… thinking I would like to use on 2/3 android devices, windows, and 3 linux devices? Is that ok?

Im a student is there a student discount?

Also how do you fix the max file size davd transfer in windows?

And last is there idiots guide to setting up cryptomator with sshfs-win and winfsp?

Thank you


No. The android licence is only for android. If you want to support the desktop app development you should consider buying a supporters certificate. You can also support in an other way to receive a certificate and unlock darkmode, like contributing in translation, coding, etc. This certificate will work on all desktop OS and multiple installations

No. There are separate licenses for android, iOS and Desktop (windows, Linux, Apple)

The licenses are personal bound. You can use it on as many devices that are yours. For example: if you by the android licence via playstore, you can use it on every device that is connected with your playstore account. Same for iOS. And if you own 2 desktop devices, you can use on both your supporter certificate.

I’m not aware of such a discount.

This is a windows WebDAV problem and can only be fixed by windows. But they didn’t since years now. That why using dokany or WinFSP is recommended.

I don’t think so, as this is not directly related to Cryptomator. A quick google search gave me several guides how to setup a virtual sftp drive like that. When you have done that, you just configure the storage path of your desktop vault with this virtual drive. (Speaking theoretical as I do not use desktop in that way)

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According to, you can increase the max file size limit to 4GB:

1) Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click “Ok”.
2) Locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\
Services\WebClient\Parameters” from the drop-down structure in left pane.
3) Right click on the “FileSizeLimitInBytes” subkey listed in the right pane, then click “Modify”.
4) Click the “Decimal” bubble under the “Base” section.
4) In the “Value data” box, type 4294967295, and then click “Ok”.
6) Reboot your computer.
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