Leaking of data to the local OS when using Cryptomator vs. Veracrypt for local encryption

Hi, I know that it’s optimized for cloud storage use-cases.

What I like better with CM vs. VC is that you don’t need a fixed size container and that I don’t need a second program (already using CM).

My use-case is store some financial documents on my local computer, this is information I only access once a month, I want to add a second layer of protection so that no one can just open them when they have access to my local computer. Be it my local access to my unlocked computer or even when I did a mistake and shared it by network a short moment.

  • I don’t care about timestamps, this single file encryption is not a problem, but an advantage for me.
  • I read that symlinks are not that well supported in CM, but that should not be a problem for me.

So at the moment I don’t see an advantage to Veracrypt.

The only open question I have leakage of information to the local system. Actually, I’m not sure if Veracrypt (used as a local container) is doing any kind of deletion of temporary files when closing the container or preventing that at all ?

Does anyone have insights in that matter how CM and VC behaves and if Veracrypt has an advantage in this case?

Are there more attack vectors when using CM compared to VC ,when used for local file encryption?