[LEAK] How to toggle dark mode instantly

Download the zip:

extract it, and copy ui-1.5.11.jar inside Cryptomator\app folder, and voilà, easy dark mode without paying for something is very bad coded.

virus scans if you’re scared:


Happy new year and enjoy!

This is an official statement of Skymatic, the maintainer behind Cryptomator:

First of all, Cryptomator is free software, which means that we grant you the right to make any changes (including removal of disliked code) in accordance to GPLv3. This also means we will not start a cat-and-mouse game and obfuscate any license-related code, as we believe in clean design.
That said, we make use of our domestic authority in this forum and removed the link for the following reasons:

  1. Obviously, you’re savaging the funding of Cryptomator’s development. By doing so, you are harming the FOSS ecosystem which constantly struggles to teach people that “freedom” and “free beer” are different things.
  2. You’re encouraging users to download an untrusted binary file and to integrate it in a way that it will be loaded and executed.
  3. You violated GPLv3, which is a copy-left license.
  4. Thus you violated this forum’s terms and conditions by posting content that does not fully comply with third-party licenses.
  5. You’re mocking all the people who genuinely support this project either financially or by volunteering and whom we would like to give something in return.

Each of these points alone is sufficiently backing our decision.


Ok, anyway, people should be able to find the file on other forums. this is not the only one where I published it. In the other hand, I can assure you, protected or no, I can make it work, and finally I’ll try to keep it up to date or maybe I’ll make it auto-“updateable”.

Have a good day!