Latest version of Cryptomator compatible with MacOS Mojave?

I’m looking for the latest version of Cryptomator, which is compatible with MacOS Mojave (10.14.6).

I have a Mac that still needs to run Mojave and would like to install Cryptomator there.
The installation of the latest version of Cryptomator 1.12.3 does not work because MacOS does not carry out the installation. (Locked symbol above the Cryptomator icon)

MacOS 10 support was dropped with desktop version 1.12.
So version 1.11.1 is latest version with MacOS 10 support.
See releases with change logs here:

I don’t talk about iPhone (iOS).
I’am talking about Computer (MacOS).
Was that just a typo on your part, or did you really mean iOS with your answer?

Just a typo of me. I’ll change that. Thanks for the hint.