Latest beta for MacOS 10.13?

Hi there,

as I am forced to update my MBP to High Sierra and using Cryptomator with 10.13 is a real hassle:

where can I find the latest 1.4-beta for download and is it pretty stable by now?



Beta download

Is it stable? Well, it’s beta. So handle with care.

Hi, Michael,

thanks for the link - of course I know what beta means; but since it’s a pretty long time for a beta to be published, I hoped for a summary of experience with this beta…



Hi Michael, I’ve been using it (1.4.0 beta) for a month or more with the FUSE access method.

Sometimes I have gone into a Crypted folder from a file open dialog and not seen all the files and folders I was expecting. But they re-appear, especially if you navigate to the folder using finder.

Opening and saving Microsoft Office documents using MSO creates heaps of temporary folders which are not removed you have to delet them yourself later

Sometimes on saving a document with Microsoft Office you will get a permission denied error dialog and then you might try a couple of time and get the same error message but then it saves.

You may get error messages about Microsoft office not being able to access the file you are working on.

If you use LibreOffice these errors don’t seem to show up.

The beta, while definately a beta seems to be OK as I’ve been accessing the same files from my Android clients and they are readable/editable from there.

Hope this helps you Steffen

But this is exactly the hassle, Cryptomator 1.3.x produces on High Sierra WITHOUT Fuse or beta???

I thought, the fix of this prob was all that the Fuse-fuzz was about??

Thanks for sharing Your experience,


Sorry for asking once more:

Is it true indeed that even with FUSE and Cryptomator 1.4 the hassle with WORD- and EXCEl-files will continue to exist (multiple temp-files, probs with saving due to spontaneous unmounting, …)