Last modified date not updated in the vault windows explorer window

when a file is updated or rewritten the last mofified date is not reflected in the virtual drive explorer window.

I’m using cryptomator in Windows 10

Is there some way to fix this?

Thank you

which volume type are you using?

Thank you for your help.

The volume type is set to Automatic but according to the displayed supported features I would say that it is WebDAV (Windows Explorer).

There is only one more option available: WebDAV (HTTP Address)

Then I recommend you install WinFSP 2 and use this (will be also used if you select “auto” as this is the recommended virtual file system.)
WinFSP 2 comes with the latest cryptomator version 1.11 and is officially supported only with this verson (or higher in the future).
But you can install it separately as well.

I see… Thank you.

version 1.11 solves the problem indeed, but the files in the Windows Explorer window are sorted by Last Modified date from most recent to oldest. When a file is updated its last modified date is updated but in a regular WE window its name is moved to the first place while in the cryptomator windindow it remains in its place unsorted.
It is not a big deal but nevertheless it moves away from the standard.behavior