Large video files in the android app are so slow to load,they never do

Large video files in the android app are so slow to load,they never do. Will switching to fuse or webdav fix this? The pc client works fine and every other file type works.

How large are the videos, what kind of internet connection do you have and what cloud do you use?

Fuse does not exist in the Android app and WebDAV has a different function there.

I suspect that the problem is that we don’t stream in the android app yet, but download the complete file and only play it, for example, when it’s completely downloaded on the phone.

The video is 7.1 GB. My internet connection to my phone is 2.10 mbps. My internet works and is stable. Is this enough speed? I have it throttled to that. I am using pcloud.

Does the file need to be exported offline to play ?

It depends how long you want to wait, using 2.10 Mbps you need ~7.5 hours to transfer 7.1 gigabytes:

7.1 gigabytes / 2.10 Mbps = ~7.5 hours

You are right. I raised my speed and it decrypted much faster.

Couldnt you just release a cryptomator file manager that allows streaming files and file sharing and charge $10.00 for it?

I don’t know exactly what you mean by file sharing but we will definitely implement streaming of files.

I mean encrypted file sharing through a link without having to give away a vault password. Im glad streaming will be implemented at some point in the future. Thank you very much for answering my questions .