Keyboard navigation problem

Hi folks, since I am physically impaired, I cannot use a mouse, I must navigate all apps by using the keyboard only.

I am using an Apple iMac computer, running macOS Sierra (10.12.6)

When I start Cryptomator, it would show me a list along the left edge of the dialog. In the list, I can see my vault. My problem is, without a mouse, how can I open the vault? I have tried all keyboard shortcuts that I know of, to no avail.

Please help. Thank you.

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael,

thank you for your feedback on this! We’ve actually wanted to improve accessibility with the next minor version 1.4.0.

But I’m not so sure right now if these changes I’ve mentioned would help in your case. I suppose, we’ll also have to look into keyboard navigation in more detail. I’ve just added this aspect to the GitHub issue as well.


Hi Tobi,

thank you very much for responding so quickly. I am very glad to hear, that you are planning to support us physically impaired persons a little bit more in the future.

Meanwhile, I am sad to say that the problem is much worse than I thought it is. I have found that it is even impossible to close the Cryptomator dialog box in the usual way, via Cmd-W. (Yes, you can do a Cmd-Q, but that would anbandon the whole app, which is a different thing.)

It seems to me, that all your programmers have in mind is functionality (which is excellent), but not usability, let alone accessibility. Sad thing.

Best, Michael

Hi Michael,

would you be interested to improve and test accessibility? What keyboard commands would you expect?

In a first step I would suggest:

  • Making controls traversable via tab key.
  • Navigate up and down in the vault list with arrow keys.
  • Fixing Cmd+W (annoys me, too… sadly JavaFX doesn’t support this out of the box. We had to implement Cmd+, manually, too)

We can then upload pre-release versions for you to give us further feedback. :slight_smile:


Hi Sebastian,

yes, sure enough. Just let me check out the pre-release and I’ll report back.
Thank you.

Regards, Michael

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