Keyboard navigation + Closing window with shortcut (⌘W)


I find that the keyboard navigation with the tab key ⇥ is not working very well. When the text list is focused (which is also not reflected by being colored), getting to the password field takes multiple ⇥ presses. When using the mouse, the password field is highlighted immediately. I’m on a Mac running Catalina.

What also would be nice to close the window using ⌘W. Right now it does simply nothing.

Regards and thank you.

This part is fixed in 1.5.0

Regarding the tab order: With the reworked UI in 1.5.0 we tried to always focus the most relevant field and define default buttons, so that workflows like unlocking shouldn’t require any mouse at all. However, starting the workflow isn’t yet ideal. Some more shortcuts would indeed be helpful.

That is very good to hear! I was actually not aware a 1.5 beta was just released, which addresses some, or most, of the issues I mentioned. I’m glad these things are being worked on. Looking forward to the final!