Just starting, dumb question

Glad I found this app.

Question: upon install & start, when I make my first test vault, the only option is OneDrive for cloud. How do I get other cloud storage services like Google Drive to be a destination?

Thank you!

Cryptomator does detect standard cloud folders and then offers these providers by naming them. .
If you have chosen different folders for your local storage sync, Cryptomator does not detect the provider automatically.

But this is just a matter of usability and does not mean that you can’t use providers that are not detected.
You have always the option to choose a custom folder during vault creation and then select a folder that is synced to your cloud storage.

Thank you. I should’ve read more - sorry about that.

So it is dependent on the different sync programs (of the cloud services) I have installed on my laptop for those services to automatically be enumerated for a selectable radio button.