How is default location for cloud services detected?


it was my impression that, when a new vault should be created, Cryptomator offers a couple of automatically detected folders.

However, for me (1.5.?) it only let’s me choose a custom location. Nevertheless, I’m using Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, which work fine when I select manually.

That’s something that we could easily improve with an update (if the path isn’t custom or too weird).

These are the current presets. I guess your locations are different than that. Where are they located?


yes, all those folders are at custom locations (eg, inside “Google Drive” in a user specific folder on drive d:).

Well, it’s probably not worth to search like written for example here:

But that’s why I asked how it is detected :wink:

All right, that’s not so easy to “fix”. :smiley: Cryptomator would have to check the settings (or something like that) of each installed cloud storage service. That’s a feature request then, which you can create here: