Just installed Cryptomator 1.6.5 and Dokany

Hi, I got a new Windows 11 machine and installed Cryptomator 1.6.5. At the end of the installation wizard, it reminded me to install Dokany, with a link to the homepage. I installed Dokany from that link. Alas, in Cryptomator options, I can only select Webdav and it doesn’t show Dokany at all.
How can I fix this?

Dokany 2.X is not yet supported. See also:

I the meantime, I suggest you use winsfp. Dokany 1.X would also work.


A small suggestion:

I am using Windows 11 too and WebDav and Dokany was very slow and buggy for me. So I tried to use FUSE and this seems now to work very well. More details cen be found here: WinFSP: How to use it

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve checked out that link before. However, it seems to imply that the integration with WinFSP is still immature at this time. Can someone from the development team comment on this? Is WinFSP already preferable at its current stage to WebDav and Dokany?

By the way, I uninstalled Dokany 2.x and installed Dokany 1.x and it’s all working now with Dokany.

If there would be any severe issues, we would have mentioned it in the linked article. We are just cautions, since some bugs or edge cases are very hard to discover. Up to now, nothing severe showed up.

Since WINFSP was mentioned… can I ask… is WINFSP “not case sensitive” ???