Just a simple question regarding file deletion!

Hello there,
Since I’m new to cryptomator I don’t know wheather a file gets deleted from the cloud too when I delete that file inside the vault on Cryptomator android app. I noticed that when I remove a vault from the app it remains intact on the cloud and it should. So, does the file also remain there after deletion?


If you delete a file in the vault, the corresponding encrypted files online will be deleted too. Or in other words: yes. If you delete a file in a vault, it’s deleted online. It will not be available anymore on other devices.

If you „delete“ a vault in the app, you are actually not deleting the vault itself, you only dismount the vault from the app. This is why the vault stays available for other devices.

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Thanks for your reply. :blush: Since the files are encrypted and too many folders on the cloud in a vault it became so confusing to a new user like me.

One more question. I also didn’t see the deleted file inside the trash folder of the provider. How?

The provider only has knowledge of your encrypted files. If there is a recycle bin offered by the provider, only the encrypted files end up here. Not the decrypted file. Please keep in mind that some providers offer the recycle bin only for files that where deleted via the browser interface or the providers client. As you are connected via api or WebDAV, there might be no recycle bin option at all and you don’t find encrypted files in it.

Got it. Thanks again.

To say it clear: if you loose you Cryptomator password, your data is lost. There’s no way to decrypt your files without the password.

Yeah now I already know a thing or two about cryptomator and its functionality. BTW, my question was related to file deletion.