Hi there,

I use Cryptomator (1.5.5) on Mac OS 10.15.5 to encrypt my OneDrive files. I recently have accidentally dropped a repository in my OneDrive folder with a lot files… around 70k… Since this was by accident I tried to delete the folder from my Cryptomator vault. But get the Mac OS error “file in use”. If I click on the folder in the Cryptomator vault it is even totally empty, but takes a whole lot of time to display informations. When I open Onedrive it starts to register changes, but doesn’t show any details and stays stuck in the start up process.
I guessed that Cryptomator is trying to encrypt these huge amount of files, but couldn’t handle it. So is there any way to stop the encrypting process to delete the files? I looked at the log files and this Java error occurs all the time since I added the files:
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
08:16:13.546 [webdav-107] WARN org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpChannel - /zRai8U8nSdWp/…(with the folder name I added)


Try using FUSE instead.

The problem with WebDAV is, that the response to a directory listing is delivered in one single huge xml document. 70k entries might really be too much in terms of memory consumption.