Issues with large video files (4,2GB) with Cryptomator 2.0 in IOS 15.0

I worked with Cryptomator 2.0 for a while, works fine so far. But i cannot open very large video files with the filemanager. (Ipad Pro 11, IOS 15 newest version). I can play video files with 800M from the vault, no problem. The 4,2 GB video file is shown in the filemanager app with this little „cloud icon“. When i click it, it says „please wait“, and after 20 seconds it says „cannot communicate with the helper app“, and i cannot access the vault anymore. The vault itself is stored locally on the iPad itself.
Any ideas ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

We can reproduce this and fixed it already:
Thanks for reporting!

Should it be fixed in Cryptomator IOS 2.0 Beta 609 ? I still have the same error in that release. Thanks :wink:

I can reproduce that with a 6GB video file. Bit it took way longer that 20 seconds until the error pops up (about 5-10 Minutes). I am connected to a 100Mbps download line, so downloading the 5 GB should not need this much time.
And in opposite of the original error description here, the vault keeps available after the message. I just was ask to authorize again. Seems the vault was locked at some point.
I will leave a comment in the github issue.

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