Issues with files that have emojis in the filename on macOS Catalina

Hi all,

I have noticed that if I try to copy a file that has an emoji in the file name (e.g. “Testname😉123.png”) to a vault I get the attached error

If I change the filename and remove the :wink:, the error goes away. I tried looking at the forums but haven’t found any references to it. Is this a known issue?


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+1 - I have noticed the same problem as well with:

:truck: ORDER UPDATE….eml

:baggage_claim: Thanks! Your booking is confirmed.eml

+1 I have the same issue with every filename containing an emoji!

+1 same thing but got ‘error code -36’ (High Sierra)

We have already a ticket for this problem on our issue tracker:

I looked on the above page but don’t have an account there or anything
Tested it however and it happens when using fuse, but not WebDAV