Issues with Adobe CC files not being the same after decrypting and downloading?

I’m planning on using Cryptomator to upload a large amount of .psd, .ai, .indd, .xd, and .sketch files to Dropbox. However, I’m concerned that the files I get back from the cloud won’t be bit for bit an exact replica as what I uploaded. For example, linked images in .psd’s becoming unlinked, anchor points in .ai files shifting, .sketch files becoming unlinked from their libraries, etc.

Has anyone ever come across an issue where the contents of those files are different (even just slightly) than they were before encrypting and uploading? Basically, is there any data that doesn’t (for lack of a better word) translate, or gets lost somewhere along the way? If so, would adding parity data before uploading help? I would be uploading to Dropbox on Mac, and I do not need to be able to access these files on a mobile device.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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You might be in the wrong forum for your question. You can find the boxcryptor forum here:

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Oops, how embarrassing! I asked the same question in the Boxcryptor community and forgot to change the name here.