Issues opening existing vault using Google Drive

Setting up a new phone and the Android App (from Play Store) will not load existing vaults, or, actually, won’t properly connect to Google Drive.

When launching the app, authenticated to my Google Drive account, but after you select the account, it just goes to blank screen and after a few seconds, says: “An error has occurred”.

I’ve cleared the app cache and data, no dice.
I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, no dice.
I’ve deleted the app, removed the authentication to the Google Account, reinstalled, authorized the app, no dice.

App still works fine on my old phone and PC, so it’s something with the new phone.

Logs have been emailed to support.

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Did I understand that correctly that you can use Cryptomator for Android at the same time on an old phone using Google Drive while on the new phone you get that error?

Thanks for the log file. We track this issue on Github in Can't add Google Drive vaults, "An error ocurred" when opening that cloud service · Issue #323 · cryptomator/android · GitHub

Yes, I am still able to use my old phone with my Google Drive, but I am guessing that’s because I haven’t logged out and logged back in.

After reading through the issue on GitHub, I also am using a GSuite account. I’m the administrator, so if any settings or options need to be changed to test, I can do that.

I did see that there was a version pushed to test, however I don’t have a key for the Android version, just the play store.

That is interesting but hmm the authentication itself doesn’t throw an error but listing of the folder which doesn’t mean that it can’t still be something with the authentication/permission etc…in any case, it’s very interesting to test with your setting.

If you are the GSuite admin, maybe we could have a test account for a short period of time? Ideally with which the problem also occurs? That would help us a lot.

I just updated the APK, could you please retest with this version?

Can you please try to create a new vault or add an existing one using the phone on which it still works? Hopefully this fails :crossed_fingers:

This should be fixed in 1.6.0-beta4 which is available in the Playstore too, feel free to join our beta testers using