Issue with decrypting files

Hi, I encrypted the files then moved them from the vault(keeping the directory structure) in encrypted form to another directory, uploaded them to the cloud and deleted the original on my disk.

The encryption key, the storage directory and the directory “d” inside it remained in place. Now I’m trying to do the reverse operation, downloaded files from the cloud, put them in directory “d” and tried to decrypt, but the files remained encrypted and the mounted disk is empty, although after entering the password it says “Operation was successful” and there are no error messages.

I can guess what the problem is, maybe the files were not decrypted because I downloaded only part of the directories that were encrypted at once, I will try to check that later.

The question remains, will it be possible to decrypt the files if the directory structure is broken ?

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i advise against meddling with the internal structure of a vault.

Since you already did that, you can only hope to restore the old state. Especially:

You should not do that. But you might be able to “restore” your data by downloading all encrypted files and garbled directories and place them in the d directory keeping the former folder structure intact.


, the feature is not present, but we are currently working on it and it will be included in the next 1.6.0 release of Cryptomator.

Thank you for your response. I was able to partially recover the files, but only those that were located in the “initial” directory “GQ” and inside its subdirectory.

I created new directories on the mounted drive until a directory with the 2 characters name I wanted was generated , but inside it a directory with a long name of numbers and letters is different from the one in my backup, I tried to put the encrypted files there and decrypt, but without success.

I also tried to generate subdirectories in the two-letter directory I need, but it seems any new file no matter where it is in the vault generates a new two-letter directory and a subdirectory in it.

I have experience in programming and in java I could try to decrypt files using the library or the application itself bypassing the interface, if you could tell me what to use.

This is not how it works.

Cryptomator also flattens the directory hierachy to prevent too long paths (a problem for some sync clients) and obfuscate the real directory structure. Therefore, directories needs to be linked from parent to child. Regarding the encryption of the directories and file names, i suggest to read our documentation:

You can decrypt the raw content (not the filename of the regarding files), but it will be a very tedious way if you are not inside the library or a valid vault structure (which the “lost” files are not). Have a look at our encryption library cryptolib, especially interesting for you ist the class