Issue with application not being able to read files

Cryptomator version: 1.6.11
OS: Win 10 Pro

I created a vault to store encrypted files on OneDrive. The vault is mounted to a custom path using FUSE. Everything is ok except that the application that should use those files gives errors on startup complaining some of those needed files are missing (or missing permissions). I can read the files with my windows user using explorer, but it looks like the application (that is run by the same user with administrative privileges) can’t. I made several tries modifying the custom mount flags, but it seems not to be the problem. Also if I mount the vault to a separate drive, I can see the drive listed in the computer drives, but the application can’t.

Anyone has any clue about what it can depend on or what I might check?


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There are more than one solution to your problem. The most easiest one is to install Cryptomator with the EXE installer and mount the vault to a directory. Then your application should be able to access the content.

Remark: If you mount to a directory, i suggest to you use your user directory since only you have access to it.

Hi infeo, thank you for the reply. I installed Cryptomator using the exe installer and mounting to a custom path (directory under C:\Windows\Users\myuser…) was my first try. Too bad it seems that the application is not able to read files from the Cryptomator custom file system created with WinFsp or Dokany (I tried both), while it works fine on a normal directory. Actually I can’t figure why. Do you have any idea about what I can check or try? Thank you again.

I have the same issue trying to install some php applications.
I cannot find any option to “mount the vault to a directory”.
Only I can mount to a letter drive or to webdav.
I’m using windows.
Thanks a lot


Please make sure you have WinFSP 2022 (1.x) installed. It comes with the cryptomator installer. But if its not installed you can install it by yourself. Do not install version 2023 (2.x) as it is not yet supported.
Then go to app settings → Volume Type and switch to "WinFsp (Local Drive) "
Then you have the option to mount your vault to a directory instead a drive.
see here: Volume Type — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

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